Henry Gold

The work of Henry Gold OAM                                                                                                         by Keith Muir, Colong Foundation for Wilderness

In 1956, the year after he arrived from Europe, Henry Gold joined the Sydney Bushwalkers Club and began to appreciate the Australian landscape. A few years later his skill as a photographer began to open the eyes of Australians to its unique wilderness heritage.

Henry is a true man of the Mountains and he knows the NSW wilderness that lies beyond the reach of the automobile. He supported the infant environment movement as its honorary photographer and he ahs continued in this capacity ever since.

In 1967 Henry provided the images for the classic brochure “Quarrying Valuable Scenery”, which helped to save the Colong Caves area in the southern Blue Mountains. Countless numbers of Henry Gold photographs have been used to publicise wilderness protection every since.

His work has covered the Greater Blue Mountains, Kakadu, the NSW rainforests, the Snowy Mountains and Central Australia.

He has contributed countless images to conservation magazines and the conservation books Wild Places, The Colo Wilderness and of course the redoubtable NSW Wilderness Calendar.

Even with unrestricted 4WD vehicle access, nobody could ever see, let alone appreciate, the enduring values of wilderness. We are very fortunate that we can glimpse this spellbinding magnificence through his images that reflect the very essence of Australia.

Henry was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for service to wilderness preservation.

These photographs were taken in the Kosciuszko region of NSW:

To see more of Henry’s superb wilderness photographs:



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