Published Articles

Below are a selection of my published articles in magazines and newspapers. 

  • “A Community that Defines Resilience” is about the fundraising efforts on behalf of the community to upgrade the RFS resources of Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine.

A Community that Defines Resilience

  • “Regeneration” a story of how the resilient Blue Mountains community is coming together to support those affected by the October 2013 bushfires published in Blue Mountains Life magazine February 2014.

Blue Mountains Life-Regeneration

  • Reflections on the October 2013 Blue Mountains bushfires published in Blue Mountains Life magazine December 2013

Blue Mountains Life _Mountain Force

  • Marie Byles: a biographical outline with photographs of this amazing woman (1900-1979) –  first female solicitor of NSW, prominent conservationist, mountaineer and early Australian Buddhist.

Outdoor Australia magazine – article on Marie Byles

To view more photographs of Marie Byles please click here.

Free download Journey Into Burmese Silence. Marie’s account of her meditation experiences in Burma in the 1950s/60s.

  • Henry Gold: Wilderness Photographer: Henry photographs have been highly influential in raising the public’s awareness of the value of wilderness

Australian Geographic – Henry Gold wilderness photographer

View a gallery of Henry’s superb photographs here.

  • Baldur Byles: Marie Byles’s brother was also a prominent conservationist influential in the Kosciuszko region in the Snowy Mountains of NSW being reserved as a National Park

Outdoor Australia magazine article on Baldur Byles

  • Dorothy Butler: The Barefoot Bushwalker – obituary in Wild magazine. Dot Butler was a contemporary and close friend of Marie Byles. Another devoted mountaineer who climbed all over the world. Yet three of her four children died in the wild. 

Dot Butler – Wild magazine

  • The Accidental Monk – Paul Ngo was a Vietnamese refugee who grew up in California. This story charts his rise to a career in finance and his subsequent choice to become a monk in Thailand. He is now Ajahn Khamavaro, the head abbot of a monastery in the middle of a remote national park in NSW.

2010SpringEnlightenedTimes – AK part 1 2011AutumnEnlightenedTimes – AK part 2

To read this article in text form: The Accidental Monk


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